HODBG Award - Outstanding Achievement

Here’s what the Chair person Felicity Mensah had to say......

The Outstanding Achievement award.

“Now this award doesn’t necessarily have to be given for anything to do with horses, but it is for any of our members who have achieved something remarkable.

This year we are giving the award to Tracy and Stephen Pepper from Windle House farm.

They have taken Windle House Farm to new heights this year. For those who may not be aware, Windle House Farm is a petting farm in Oxenhope and it is brilliant. It is open to the public in the summer and for a very reasonable price, you can go round their farm and meet the animals, of which there are plenty. Llamas, alpacas, goats, donkeys, ponies, rabbits, guinea pig etc.

The reason for giving them this award is for how hard they have worked to make a success of their business, but also in supporting their local community. All the local schools and pre schools have visited Windle over the summer and Stephen even takes the animals out to visit schools and care homes.

Their entire family play a part in the farm, all the kids including little Annie can be seen helping out, it is inspirational to see.

We wish them all the continuing success for the future, and keep up the good work, especially having the locals pitch up and pie nights! Lots of exciting times ahead, well done guys”